Talking Racine Episode 5 “Racine’s Chilling Effect on Open Records”

Talking Racine’s guest Fabi Maldonado tells of his difficulty receiving open recorders from the City of Racine Wisconsin and the Department of Justice. Maldonado receives just one racist email sent to him with a bill for thousands of dollars more if he wants more of his request fulfilled.


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  1. This message was left on our Facebook page – THANKS FABI. Anyone who as a story to tell or wish to leave a tip contact us at talkingracine@gmail or if you wish to remain anonymous use the contact page on our website.
    I was invited on Talking Racine to talk about my struggle with open records here in Racine. It doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat or republican. Politicians need to be called out when they’re not following the rules. I have physical copies of inflammatory emails sent from alderman to alderman and not one alderman has spoken up about those emails. I’ve sent those same emails to the Journal Times and even JTs reporters were in disbelief when they saw the emails. Still, not once reported in the paper, why? Been a year and still I have not gotten the emails I requested. What does it say about our government when we have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to receive public records? Talking Racine is a grassroots organization doing a huge service to our community. Thank-you for having me on Talking Racine.


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