“NO ARENA” Citizen speaks to Common Council?

Dennis Montey the citizen spearheading the NO ARENA petition drive along with the Racine Green Party speaks at the Racine WI. Common Council meeting 6-20-17. Montey confronts the Racine Mayor John Dickert with facts. We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI.


  1. The “fact” that the city council has not removed John Dickert from office as he already resigned is an absolute joke!!!! He is a cancer on this city and must be removed at once. We simply cannot endure more of his backasswards thinking or deals.


  2. What is the status of the investigations into criminal corruption and racketeering in Racine?

    Why are corrupt officials covering for other corrupt officials, and who is really pulling the strings behind the scenes?

    Why are the attorney general, district attorney, sheriff and police chief not working with the FBI to properly enforce the rule of law and restore equal protection under the law?

    Why is Trump not draining the swamp of criminal corruption in Paul Ryan’s district?

    What corrupt official gave another corrupt official a gift upon assuming office, and what was the significance of that gift?

    What is Foundation Tuesdays, and what does that have to do with criminal corruption?

    Why are so many corrupt officials resigning, retiring, changing positions or moving away? Who is orchestrating all of the moves?

    What is the real secret that Racine is hiding, and who benefits?


  3. Why was his comment interrupted asking to state facts? Why have friends of corrupt officials never been interrupted asking them to stick to only facts in their comments? Why have officials openly committed fraud, or engaged in extortion, embezzlement, defamation, racketeering and other criminal acts in the open without consequence?

    Some people will not sign the petition because of the system of criminal corruption and retaliation in Racine under the nose of corrupt authorities. Why are some officials and their friends and families engaged in slandering, stalking, and threatening citizens who witnessed criminal acts among officials and their associates? Why is that an acceptable standard practice in Racine?

    Why is the corrupt newspaper colluding with corrupt officials and their associates to lie to the community and silence the real truth?

    When will this mayor be arrested like the last mayor? How much have other corrupt authorities been rewarded to look the other way and allow the law to be mocked and lives to be ruined and threatened by those acting above the law under the color of law?

    Why are so many local businesses and organizations silent about the network of criminal corruption in Racine? What is the secret they are all hiding, and why aren’t any of them demanding arrests of widely known corrupt officials?

    Who made illegal campaign contributions to corrupt officials and what is the real foundation of corruption in Racine?


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