Mayor Dickert and his 9 Disciples

The 9 disciples of Mayor Dickert have voted to silence the voice of the people of Racine. No referendum 9-4 vote. The City of Racine is now 100 Million in debt. Of every taxpayer dollar collected 32 cents is spent on debt. The debt limit for Racine is 160M. (The Credit Card Limit) Mayor Dickert and his 9 disciples wants to add 40 Million more, raid the cash box and bring the city close to insolvency. Racine currently is the most indebted per ca-pita city in the State of Wisconsin. ASK: WHY are the streets and alleys in poor condition, WHY: were street lights turned off, (Alderman voted to save money) WHY: did the city ask churches and nonprofits to donate to the city? (needed money to operate?) BUT: we the citizens must bear the blunt of an excessive tax burden for generations so the Mayor and his disciples can build a hockey arena for a Johnson Family Billionaire. Something is very, very, WRONG. We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI.


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