Huge Lawsuit Filed on Machinery Row

Former owners of property at the failed Machinery Row development site Olsen and Azarian have filed a relocation lawsuit on the city of Racine, Redevelopment authority, James Spangenburg, Tom Friedel , Matthew Sadowski and former Mayor John Dickert. Lines 76 – 106 are extremely concerning as it details a scam to move the Machinery Row development forward  with taxpayers money after the developer decided against moving forward with the project. Watch the next episode of Talking Racine January 1 to get the behind the scenes information

Machinery Row press


  1. You may want to check into the closed session Caledonia is having Wednesday regarding Foxconn. Rumor has it Caledonia isn’t falling for it and that they are being asked to give 25 million to participate in the Fox Con.


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