Talking Racine Episode 87 “Connelly Lawsuit”

From Tinely Park reporting Kevin DuJan, “Connolly successfully manipulated the system. To get herself out of trouble, she accused Tinley Park of being racist for not wanting the Buckeye project to go forward. This completely ignores what she did in tampering with the zoning code. If you recall, the zoning code did not allow for Buckeye to build its project because the zoning code required commercial space on street level. Buckeye could not build a low income housing project and receive the tax credits that it wanted to make the project highly profitable if there was commercial space at street level…the state would not give the lucrative tax credits for such a project. So Amy Connolly tampered with the zoning code to remove the commercial requirement…and even though her tampering was never legal, Buckeye claimed to the Justice Department that a window was created in which they could have built their project.
Buckeye and Connolly shouted RACISM! RACISM! RACISM! at anyone who pointed out that her tampering with the code was illegal”.We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI.

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