Legal Fees To Date on Weidner vs City of Racine $75,000 and Counting

We again ask the same few questions. 🤔
What is the total amount of taxpayer’s money spent to date on this open records case? Answer – $75,000
Why hasn’t Mayor Mason intervened in this action?
Why has no alderman questioned city attorney Letteney on his actions and monies spent?
Were the monies spent brought to the finance committee or common council for approval?
We here at Talking Racine ask for the resignation of City Attorney Letteney.



  1. Can I attempt to answer some of your questions?1)  It seems to me that for the most part, the City Council is afraid of Letteney.  That’s why they don’t challenge him on the monies spent. 2)_  As for why Mason hasn’t spoken out, I think is under the thumb of Litteney.  3)   Even if Litteney did bring it before the Finance and Personal Committee, stop and think who heads that committee and has for the past numerous years, the committee most likely would just “Rubber Stamp” his request.  On that same topic, doesn’t the City (whatever it is, the ordnances)) require the chairmanships and membership of each committee change after each election cycle?  Another question I have, each article I read in the Racine Urinal Times “Alderman Weidner and 2 other aldermen, who are the other 2 and why have they not spoken our on this? Dale Slaasted


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