Talking Racine Episode 186 RUSD Pay to Play

Talking Racine discusses the campaign finance reports for ‘Yes for Kids’. We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city. We’re about investigative reporting on topics that matter corruption, conflicts of interest, broken systems, abuses by institutions and individuals with power, whether that’s government, nonprofits, or the press itself.

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  1. Why is there no mention of who really orchestrated and rigged the referendum? It”s in the Hot News publication. How is this family so close to the mayor? Who is connected with eugenics? Who is benefiting the most? What is the real purpose? It goes far beyond building contracts. How do they know the Clintons, Podestas and Emanuels on a close, personal basis? Which city officials have a conflict of interest? Which are bribed and which are blackmailed? What is the real vision for Racine, and what is the core foundation? Did you know that common core was established in Racine? How did Racine win a smart city challenge? Did you know the Rothschilds live in Racine? What was their real name? Why did Joe Biden endorse the referendum in Racine and how does the referendum directly connect with the pandemic?


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