Racine small business owner Navatril speaks to A U.S. House subcommittee.

Local Racine WI. small business owner Dimple Navatril speaks to A U.S. House subcommittee. When they applied for grants from the city, the Navatril say they were denied because of Denis’ attendance at an “Open Wisconsin” rally in April. The couple has since charged that their first amendment rights were violated. Denis and Dimple Navratil said they would have received $6,500 from the grants. They are now asking themselves, what was the cost of free speech? City of Racine Mayors statement in response Mason wrote: “Participating in mass gatherings outside of our community, such as the rally that was held at the State Capitol — such large gatherings have been linked to cases of COVID-19 around the state — and then returning to our City, only served to put our residents at unnecessary risk and, thus, factored into the funding consideration.”

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