Talking Racine Episode 33- Performance Structure at Festival Park

The council sells naming rights to the Rotary Club for $100,000. In exchange for accepting the check, the Rotary wants the city to rename the venue “Paul P. Harris Rotary Park” and help build a permanent performance structure at Festival Park. The price exceeds THREE TIMES the cost of the structure.We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI.

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  1. There is much left out of the discussion. Who is in the Rotary club in Racine, and what is their real purpose?

    This was another illegal back room deal with members of criminally corrupt organizations including Rotary, Freemasons, and others involved. Their relationships are not properly disclosed, laws are not followed, and they push through rigged development deals and change orders at will. When were the change orders approved for this project? The newspaper editors are in these clubs. The mayor and city administrator are in these clubs. City council members are in these clubs. County Board members are part of these clubs. The redevelopment authority members are part of these clubs. The companies involved in the construction and management are in these clubs. This is part of a racketeering scheme with collusion and conspiracy to control the event venues in Racine, similarly to the arena, Machinery Row and other developments.

    Rotary and Freemasons are international organizations that are connected to a larger system of trafficking, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, extortion, racketeering, collusion, conspiracy, blackmail, stalking, retaliation, illegal campaign financing, rigged development deals, rigged prison labor deals, rigged public private partnerships, rigged votes and elections, abuse of power, misuse of public resources, and many other crimes.

    Where is the federal investigation into criminal corruption in Racine?


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