Mock Event will be “in honor of” Corruption

Racine, WI, Dec. 21, 2019 – In recognition of the most recent failed government development project in their struggling city, a citizens group advocating for “HOT Government (Honest – Open & Transparent) is holding a mock ribbon cutting ceremony on what should have been the actual completion date.“The Promenade” was intended to be a scenic walkway adjacent to a grand $65 million project along Racine’s Root River.  Instead, it’s an indistinguishable part of a fenced and sealed 22 acre, gravel covered brownfield, once the location of a dozen small businesses that were chased out to make room.Sportsmen’s groups from around the state are invited to attend and bear witness to the results of $730,000 in DNR grants that were received for the walkway that never came to be.   “It will be a good old fashioned public embarrassment for the persons responsible. There will be speeches, music, food and refreshments, and of course the ribbon cutting,” stated the groups chairman. All who yearn for better government are invited.


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