Talking Racine 15 -Part 1- Spending money ’til it hurts!

Spending money ’til it hurts! Talking Racine discusses the Racine Common Council meeting where the council members were unaware the city leaders spent $125,000 to hire promoters to help convince them to spend $600.000 (which they did) for a study to help them spend another $3.2 million to convince them to spend 50 million on an arena. Spending money ’til it hurts! All taxpayers’ money and no referendum!


  1. Fantastic work gentleman!!! I truly appreciate the depths you explore to uncover the fraud and deception that occurs in Racine. I’m truly disgusted in the lack of integrity Mayor Dickert has shown only to push his personal agendas. Keep up the good work. Last question I’d love to see any of you run for mayor as I feel you would be a great asset to this city.


  2. Thank you alder person Weidner, Shields, and Lemke for asking tough questions and thinking about the people they represent. It’s unfortunate the other aldermen don’t have a spine.


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