Talking Racine 15 Part 2 – Spending money ’til it hurts!

Spending money ’til it hurts! Talking Racine discusses the Racine Common Council meeting where the council members were unaware the city leaders spent $125,000 to hire promoters to help convince them to spend $600.000 (which they did) for a study to help them spend another $3.2 million to convince them to spend 50 million on an arena. Spending money ’til it hurts! All taxpayers’ money and no referendum! We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI.

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  1. Hello Gentlemen,
    This truly does bother me, I’m the Executive Director for Helmets to Heal. I’m not sure if you have heard about my organization. We are a 501(c)(3) that is trying to lower concussions on the football field. Our program has never been tried before anywhere. I’ve gotten zero help from the Mayor to get this program started. Last year we donated 60 of the best football helmets on the market. 0 concussions, in little over 7 months we have the attention of the NFL. We will be working with RYS this year on the most proactive 3 step concussion awareness program in the country. Making this work is a vital to Racine, not a hockey ring. With the admirals north and Racine not having a single hockey program. It’s simply a waste. With a little support from our city and possible donors, this will bring GOOD outside attention and money to our flaling city. Racine will become the capital of concussion safety in a sport that people of our community is involved with. Please continue your hard work to make sure this arena doesn’t get built. Thank you!


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