Talking Racine Episode 90 “Fight for Open Records Goes National”

Talking Racine episode 90 discusses the open recorders case that has drawn national attention. “We’re seeing more and more efforts by all three branches of government to take the public’s business private,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editor George Stanley said. “Now, a judge had decided he can seal off all information about an Open Records case, and a taxpayer-funded city attorney is seeking to punish an elected official for daring to let the public know about it.  We bring the perspective down to the local level to discuss issues that affect our own city of Racine, WI.

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  1. Your expose’s are informative and factual… what I don’t understand is that there seems to be no legal recourse or oversight authority that will step in for a full scale investigation and action to end this apparent criminal activity that reigns in Racine city and county government. What is the next step in involving state or federal authorities?


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